Tenant Screening Services

What did you say about your last tenant screening company?

I have used Rental Services, Inc. for many years now for both resident and new employee screening purposes. Their overall knowledge of everything involving the screening process and the apartment industry has been invaluable in many situations over the years. I highly recommend Rental Services, Inc. for all your screening needs!!

Tracy M., CAPS, Asset Manager, Agin Properties

Rental Services nationwide tenant screening company.


Keeping information secure is vital. We have recently implemented a new layer of defense to our already solid security platform. Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) makes it more difficult for an unauthorized person to enter our system and access sensitive information. This multi-layered approach requires a combination of two independent credentials: a knowledge factor (something that only the authorized user should know) and a possession factor (something that only the user has access to).

If you are not already using MFA, you should be! We will be contacting clients in the coming months to get you on-board with our new authentication system.

What to expect as you begin using the new system:

You will notice a change when accessing our website only during one of the following:
1. When you login for the first time under the new criteria
2. When you login from a different (unknown) computer
3. When your login from a different IP address
4. When you login from a different internet browser
5. Every thirty (30) days

In the instances above, in addition to entering your username and password (knowledge authentication) you will be asked to also enter a key code which will be sent automatically to your email address (possession authentication).

With the addition of this layered defense we are able to offer assurance that RSI continues to provide the best service to our clients. Most importantly, in turn, you are able to offer assurance to your applicants that their information is being stored under the highest security standards.

As always, we will be here for you through this process. Please feel free to contact our office at 1-800-628-6414 or visit our website for more information (www.erentalservicesinc.com)